Our Commitment to a Bio-based Future

Recent years have focused the attention of our industryon innovation. Innovation has also dominated CEPI’sagenda in Brussels since the launch of the CEPI 2050 Roadmap. The Roadmap showed how the sector could reduce its fossil-based CO2 emissions by 80% whileat the same time creating 50% more added value. Breakthrough technologies would be needed to achieve the climate target. These technologies must become available by 2030 to be running by 2050.

To help the industry advance, CEPI launched the Two Team Project at the 2012 European Paper Week and with it an internal competition for breakthrough concepts in papermaking.

At the same time the bioeconomy received backing through a European Commission green paper on the subject, which mentions the paper industry as one of the core sectors involved. CEPI initiated a bio-based industry Public Private Partnership with the European Commission, together with other sectors and more than a dozen pulp and paper producers to secure funding for sector specific research in this area. We also got involved in the European Innovation Partnership for raw materials, focusing on recycling related projects.

The past two years have been very productive and innovative with concrete results. The excellent facts and figures presented in this report were strongly influenced by the European pulp and paper industry commitments and motivations.




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